Business Solutions by Design product_description.
Business Solutions by Design product_description.

One-on-One Quickbooks Training | Schedule Your FREE Consultation


Are you simply looking for help navigating & utilizing your QuickBooks Online software?

We can help with that too. We offer customized one-on-one training sessions with a certified Intuit ProAdvisor while working in your own data.

The training sessions take place via Zoom meeting where you share your screen and our ProAdvisor walks you through each step. Each session is one hour long, anything more would be too much to retain. Each session builds on the prior session, and you will be expected to complete tasks in between sessions (yes, we give our clients homework). We also expect you to keep notes of your questions & thoughts while doing your homework so we can address them during the next session.

We strive to ensure you are 100% confident before we cut you loose. Does that sound a bit scary, being cut loose? If you would like to keep us around as your “safety net”, check out our assisted bookkeeping services. Think of it like keeping us on retainer for when you need us.